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        In July 2020, we bought our 12.5m long 1997 SCANIA K93CRB bus from a small town in western New South Wales and drove her home to Brisbane.
In December 2020, we began work on converting her into our motor home.

        October 2021, we finally finished all major work. She's now quite habitable. (See YouTube walk through below) Just small things to complete, such as window sill painting, wall decorations etc.

        NOTE: For Scania K93 / K113 / L113 bus owners (DSC09 and DSC11 engines), almost all the radiator hoses have been discontinued by Scania Australia. As of July 2021, the only two hoses that we could locate are the top radiator and expansion tank accordion hoses. Both are available from Donaldson Motors, in Victoria. Engine V belts are all available from MultiSpares.


    SCANIA Specs:

        8.5L engine / 5 speed manual, with 283HP turbo/intercooler engine

        Tare weight is 10.44T. GVM was downgraded from 18.5T to 16T, to minimise the Queensland registration cost, when we registered her in early 2021.

        Internal height is 1.95m with 2.3m width. Flat floor, with no wheel arches.


    External additions:

        Nearside and offside camera, facing to the rear. Connected to a four camera, 10" colour monitor, mounted on the dashboard.

        Two rear cameras.

        LED reversing light, with 90m beam.

        Removed side emergency knock out window and replaced with LH hinged RV door.

        Air/electric horn to complement factory horn.

        LED light bar at front.

        Both 27mHz AM and UHF CB radio antennas.

        Samsung Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Compressor connected to bedroom air-con header unit

        Suburban Nautilus IW60A Instant Hot Water System

        2 x 9kg Gas Bottle Compartments (Connected and certified by Peter Bellamy, Gas Fitter, Ipswich, QLD)

        Water Tanks filler inlets

        2 x 240L Water Tanks

        1 x 170 Grey Water Tank

        Kelvinator Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Compressor connected to lounge room air- con header unit

        DUX 50L plug-in hot water system

        2kW diesel heater

        Tow bar with 24VDC Anderson connection for trailer

        Underfloor connection, with tap, for 25mm grey water hose

        MaxxAir 10 speed ceiling fan


    Power Station:

           The system generates 5kWh of useable 240VAC electricity, as well as using a 48VDC to 24VDC DC-DC converter for the 14 internal LED lights. The power system is visible, via the Internet, so that we can keep an eye on the solar input/AC loads remotely.

           6 x 450W solar panels

           Victron MultiPlus II 48/5000/70-50

           4 x PylonTech LV US3000 48VDC 3.55kWh LiFePO4 (48VDC input to Inverter/Charger)

           Cerbo GX + Touch 50 display (Accessible via the Net, when a modem, or hotspot is connected, as well as Bluetooth)

           SmartSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr

           Orion-Tr 48/24-12A (280W)  (Used for internal lighting, which is 24VDC through out)

           AC breaker cabinet, with RCD   

           DC breaker cabinet

           240VAC general purpose outlet

    Yet to be built / installed:  

        170L black water tank on pax side, underfloor
        Removal of Thetford cassette toilet
        Installation of macerator toilet

Build Gallery

1997 SCANIA K93CRB (Series 3) 8.5L, 283HP rear mounted turbo powered engine, with 5 speed manual, air assisted gearbox Seats removed, as well as luggage racks
We left a small section for use whilst travelling

Seat bolt holes filled in

Vinyl looselay floor glued down and blue ceiling carpet removed

Rear of bedroom wardrobe frame built

Super king sized bed installed, as well as metal frame to support the bed over two floor levels

50mm thick aluminium composite panel installed at rear of wardrobe.
Sliding door frame built with 70mm x 35mm treated pine, covered with 6mm marine ply surround

Bathroom frame Bathroom / bedroom walls ready for 3mm aluminium composite panels

Bathroom Bathroom completed with Thetford cassette toilet Hallway

More hallway

Bedroom window venetians

Replacement driver and pax seat

Passenger seat underfloor reinforcement plate

Driver seat underfloor reinforcement plate

New driver & passenger seat air regulator set to 101psi

Driver air seat installed

Passenger air seat

New bedroom

Emergency knock out window removed for RV door to be installed

Bathroom / bedroom walls completed

Ready for fit out

Steps resurfaced and tidied up

Power station installed and running


New DC breakers



Original bus ceramic fuse blocks

New blade fuse blocks

Tanks and brackets ready for installation

Lower bus wall covered with 7mm Red Oak ply

170L grey water tank being prepared for installation

170L grey water tank installed on bus chassis rails [Two brackets]

240L fresh water tank installed [Three brackets]

Protective fridge wall almost completed

A quick walk through of our progress so far (YouTube video)

12L accumulator and water pump installed underfloor

240L fresh water tank in nearside forward bin

Rust proofing the kitchen cabinetry frame

Kitchen cabinetry 240V cabling

 Bench top arrived. Now to bolt it down

Window molding cut out for continuous shelf along top of kitchen bench

Kitchen 'pantry' with a difference. No cupboards, or shelves

Wall TV mounted. Lounge chairs in

Turyza's kitchen. Plumbing and splash back are next.

Gas hot water system installed

Plumbing and electrical organised chaos

Domestic 2.7kW air conditioner compressor installed

Air conditioner installed

Air conditioner copper tubing and electrics via cool side of engine bay

Air conditioner installed underfloor

MaxxFan installed in place of forward hatch

MaxxFan internal view

Gas cylinder compartments completed

Bash plates fitted below aircon compressor and hot water system

295/R22.5 tyres being fitted all around

The first shakedown trip away


Modernised the dashboard with digital Oil Pressure and Water (Coolant) Temp gauges

Accordion bathroom door completed

2kW diesel heater and 10L fuel tank




DUX 50L plug-in hot water system

Bedroom MaxxFan before installation

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